This picture is by my friend JUAN MEZA-LEON. Juan is one of the most amazing comic style artists I know!  You can learn more about Juan at this link.

He has been the story board artist for several big productions.

Like many creative people, opportunity just didn't come knocking and he had to wait and work towards his goals. But even during his early career, when work was not available in his chosen field for many desolate months, he never gave up his dream. Now he is doing what he loves - creating art for cinema and TV. And, I believe, directing movies too.

This is a pic Juan did from the childhood days of Angie, the hero of my Avenging Angel novel. I hope he won't mind that I added some colour to his artwork. I did the colouring many years ago when I was still very new to photoshop software. And although I could change it, I have kept it this way for nostalgic reasons. 

And here's some of the pics I made using my favourite 3D software and a bit of photoshop.

See below:-

Alternate cover for episode 12. I didn't use this one becaues I thought it gave too much of the story away. I'm still thinking it over.

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The artwork on this website and Avenging Angel story are the copyright property of Esther Carney.

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